The Susan Hensel Gallery space has reverted to a working studio for Susan Hensel. She continues to work on small and largescale artwork with an attitude.

Opened September 10th, 2004 Susan Hensel Gallery was a gallery/ workspace presenting 5-6 shows per year devoted to the concept of narrative in the arts in an intimate space, with hardwood floors and high tin ceilings. It is the belief of Susan Hensel that humans are a "storymaking species" who will always seek, find or provide a story for any experience.

It has always been the intent of Susan Hensel Gallery to provide experiences to stretch and test the storymaking impulse. Even though the regular schedule of the gallery has been retired, it continues to be so.

The Susan Hensel Gallery windows continue to be lively exhibition space while the interior gallery returns to studio space for Susan and Sue's Luxury Fiber retail space. The gallery remains open to the public on Monday, 10am-5pm, during special events and by generous appointments. You are welcome to drop by this gallery/workspace at anytime, but a call ahead prevents frustration.

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