A LEAP OF FAITH 3: casting shadows

casting shadows

November 9-December 28, 2007
Opening receptions November 9, 5-9 pm at Susan Hensel Gallery
ArtSpace at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church (1620 East 46th St.)

Thirty-eight local and national artists cast light and shadow on faith in 2 locations:

As I worked with the images submitted this year, themes seemed to present themselves. I have always contended that artists, like most people, are concerned with the ultimate questions that faith addresses: Is there purpose? Is there a god? Is there hope?

Among the artists of this increasingly competitive show are Christians, non-christians, churched, unchurched, agnostics. I saw them questioning everything, wondering aloud, sometimes laughing at the human condition, and always, hoping fiercely. I would have to say that this is an optimistic group of artists, creating beauty and seeking peace.

Leap of Faith, in its third year, has lept the bounds of the Susan Hensel Gallery and spread to Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church.  Lake Nokomis, a progressive Presbyterian church, has a commitment to the arts, education, and justice.  With a sense of renewed commitment, in 2007 they have opened their doors to visual artists with ArtSpace and have begun renting rehearsal space to various dance and theater companies.

Participating artists and their states:

Barbara Barnes Allen, WA
Christy Kelly-Bentgen, MI
Mark Carlson, MN
Judy Dodds, MN
Andrey Feldshteyn, MN
Barbara Adams Hebard, MA
James Michael Lawrence, MN
Sarah McCoy, IA
Pauline Mitchell, MN
Elizabeth Raggett, MI
Orin Rutchick, MN
Beth Eilers Sullivan, MN
Julia Wilkins, MN
Sherry Barber, TX
Mandy Brannon, MN
Max Collins, MI
Betsy Dollar, MN
Devin Gallison, MN
Pat Izzo, MI
Uppercase Collective, CA
MaryJo Pauly, MN
Mary Rivard, MN
Eric Santwire, MN
Sara Witty, MN
Bruce Basch, WI
Laura Burlis, MN
CristinaDe Almeida, WA
Steve Edmundson, MN
Lucy Grantz, MN
Elaine Langerman, DC
Dayna Mase, MN
Donna Ghel Miller, WI
Michel Pleau, MN
Jane Rosemont, MN
Mary Simon-Casati, MN
Melody Villars, MN
Bonnie Wolf, CA
Kate VanCleve, MN