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The Windows on Cedar Project

The focus of the Windows on Cedar Project has been on up and coming local Minneapolis artists. Currently, artists represented by Susan Hensel Gallery on Artsy are given preference for window exhibits. But since not all the artists are local, there are occasional window exhibition slots to be filled.Experienced and emerging artists are invited to design an exhibition for the large shop windows of the Susan Hensel Gallery building.  The windows are lit 24-7 and are at a well lit bus stop in South Minneapolis.  It is ideal space for experimentation or for early forays into designing a solo exhibition.  Since the gallery opened in 2004, over 80 shows have been mounted, many with separate Windows on Cedar exhibitions. The scheduling is generally 6 shows per year, made loose and flexible by the Covid 19 pandemic.  Stay tuned for updates.

Talk To Me

Ingrid Restemayer returns to Susan Hensel Gallery with a new fiber art series titled Talk to Me.

These pieces continue the strong compositions and driving aesthetic focus of the artist’s oeuvre, developing the threads she has woven so far while introducing a new set of idioms. Using hand made paper, printmaking and embroidery, Restemayer gives us a quiet, contemplative view of the ways humanity communicates with itself. 1/15-3/15/22

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Willow in Motion

Susan Hensel Gallery is proud to present Minneapolis, multidisciplinary artist Marth Bird’s new show Body Work on Artsy and in the Windows.

 Running from November 15th, 2021 to January 15th, 2022, Body Work exhibits Bird’s intricately created natural fiber works. Using willow the artist raises and/or harvests herself according to sustainable practices, Bird creates captivating pieces that talk about the complex struggles and triumphs of the body.

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Neutral Territory

As part of her artsy show, Neutral Territory, Kim Matthews sculptures are on display.The show spans three venues as a mini-retrospective of Matthews’ work. 15 are represented on Susan Hensel Gallery’s online platform . The two large works occupying the windows of the brick-and-mortar Susan Hensel Gallery in Minneapolis  are Ludus and D+ W. An additional solo exhibition of colorful recent sculptures, Objects of Affection, opeds at Douglas Flanders & Associates in Minneapolis.8/15-11/15, 2021.

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January 15, 2022-March 15, 2022



Ingrid Restemayer


I am a fiberartist and printmaker originally from North Dakota, now based in Minneapolis, MN. My mixed media artwork incorporates traditional hand-embroidery techniques on paper, collaged with hand-pulled drypoint prints.

I learned my craft and formulated my artistic sensibilities growing up on the flat, Northern plains. For many months of the year the landscape there is frozen — the only interruption to low snow drifts being the regular linear patterns of farmland.  In such an environment one learns to find excitement and inquiry in the slightest variation. My continual lines of running stitches and fields of French knots were born out of inspiration from those windblown spaces.

Though fiber is not typically a minimalist medium, my work emulates this peaceful beauty in its monotony while also a conveying calmness through repetition. My work has a hint of storytelling with the inclusion of my intaglio images as pseudo-illustrations when paired with paragraph shapes formed from the fields of hand-embroidery.

I’ve been growing and evolving my methods of mixing printmaking and fiberart materials and techniques for more than 25 years. My work has gone from a type of paper quilt to 2-D collages to scroll-like panels. In recent years my world view on fiberart has expanded and I’ve been exploring different takes on ethnic fiber practices. I lived in New Zealand and while there, worked alongside Japanese printmakers and fiberartists. I also did a brief study with Croatian lace-making nuns on an island off the Dalmatian Coast.

Being someone who grew up in a land-locked agricultural area, these island ventures caused me to wonder about fiber and surface design practices associated with maritime culture. I began a body of work using my signature fiber techniques and blending in the language of historical nautical flags. The historic use of the language of these textiles became even more fascinating to me as the pandemic kept us home and forced us to communicate only at a distance, electronically. Bold colors and graphic shapes of the flags have specific meanings, “Communicate with me” or “Stay Away” for example.

My work has now evolved from scrolls with code-like markings to colorful squares. With inspiration from flag messaging, each new piece is layered with implied meanings – from the color patterns to the overlaid embroidery to included animal imagery. Each element from paper to ink to thread is an intentional artists’ mark.

I stitch by hand using needle and thread – not by machine. This is the age of electronic communication, the age of getting anything instantly – so long as you have a wifi connection. Sustainable tactics in art creation, things made by the human hand often have the power to promote further human interaction. I want my work to remind society that non-mechanized art and imagery is still achievable and still experiential.

In the windows are 2 pieces from the Artsy show TALK TO ME and other pieces of varying prices.  It really is worth a quick stop to see. I do not have photos of the rest of the pieces, but they are lovely, priced as low as $300.

Nesting Underground $2,200
Your Movements 1800
The Baby 300
80 boars 300
Apiary 300
Randonauting 2200
Talk to Me 1800
Baby Girl Goat 300
Pond 300
branch 300

Talk to Me by Ingrid Restemayer