4 05, 2021

Interview with K. Daphnae Koop | Susan Hensel Gallery

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Interview with K. Daphnae Koop Susan Hensel Gallery Interview with K. Daphnae. As the new website for Susan Hensel Gallery matures and as my experience on artsy.net grows, I thought it would be nice to start an interview series with the artists I represent. […]

9 03, 2021



A READER'S ART 6 CHANGING THE WIND March 4-April 28, 2006 Also featuring visual journals from the students at Hudson High School, Hudson, WI. Artists from all over the United States were asked to consider change: personal, political, or spiritual. These books and book objects are their answers. Exhibiting Artists: Alicia Bailey, CO Aileen Bassis, NJ Mary Britton Clouse, MN Betsy Dollar, CO Nora Dombrock, MN Mike Elko, MN Laura Gajdostik, WI Karen Hanmer, IL Ron Huxley, CA Linda K. Johnson, FL Aimee Lee, IL Amanda Kalinoski, MN Mary Ellen Long, CO Elizabeth Adams Marks, IL Marilyn Moore, WI Bea Nettles, IL Tara O'Brien, PA Sara Loosen Otto, IL Laura Spitz & Amee Pollack, NY Jamie Runnels, MS Kelly Schweich, MN Jackie Shearer, PA Alice Simpson, NY Jessica Spring, WA Nancy Topolski, NY Abigail Uhteg, MD Patricia Way, WA Marshall Weber, NY

9 03, 2021

DESIRE by Susan Hensel

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DESIRE by Susan Hensel January 7-February 24, 2006 OPENING RECEPTION : Saturday, JANUARY 7, 2006, 5-9 pm Three years in the making, Desire, is the first Minneapolis show by Susan Hensel. Desire is an installation. When you visit the gallery you will walk into a total environment devoted to the journey from adolescence to senescence, from sexual awakening to fecundity, relationship, sorrow, aging, and beauty. It is a lushly beautiful space, replete with color, sound, lights all focused on allowing you to experience the theme. You will be invited to enter an inner sanctum that fractures the separation between public and private. Quiet, meditative, warm, and inviting for the dark days of winter. The piece began developing about three years ago before Susan moved to Minnesota. She had just finished a mammoth installation, entitled Kristallnacht: the bystanders, about the concept of the holocaust, about the ways in which we humans can kill and maim members of our own species, and how we good people could stand by and not act. Susan has said that she was wounded and exhausted by the work that went into that piece. Years of living in the study and knowledge of death and destruction, of [...]

9 03, 2021

LIFE CYCLES: Encaustic & mixed media about fecundity, growth and mortality

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LIFE CYCLES: Encaustic & mixed media about fecundity, growth, and mortality by Leslie Sobel September 9- October 14 Ann Arbor artist Leslie Sobel said of her work, "My work is driven by my fascination with biology. I intend it to be earthy and profound, sexual and ethereal. My mother's recent death from cancer has personalized and deepened intellectual & aesthetic ideas into a passion."

9 03, 2021


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THE NIGHT SPECIAL EVENT August 3, one night only A one-night multimedia performance by The Night. The Night is a new media ensemble whose work focuses on the interrelations between sound and image, using musical improvisation and elegant computer programming that features a real-time video that is changed and affected by the performance. Formed in early 2003, the group consists of an ever-changing group of musicians and artists, mostly Oberlin College graduates, including sitar player Ami K. Dang, video artist John Hensel, Travis Johns, who plays bass and electronics, and others. To date, their work has been featured in such places as the 2003 Placard Experimental Music Festival, The Spaceworks Gallery (NYC), and the Allen Memorial Art Museum. They will preview their East Coast August tour with a performance here in Minneapolis at the Susan Hensel Gallery on August 3, 8 pm-10 pm. Free. Travis Johns work can be heard on Fighter Pilots, available from iTunes

1 03, 2021

Feast of Famine? It’s newsletter time!

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I DWELL IN IMPOSSIBILITY Feast of Famine: October 25-December 1, 2019 The Phipps Center for the Arts 109 Locust St. Hudson, WI Gallery Hours daily 9 am-4:30 pm (Sunday noon-4:30 pm) IT’S A CELEBRATION! COME JOIN ME! MEET MY SON JOHN, THE PHOTOGRAPHER! The opening reception and celebration is Friday, October 25, 6:30-8:30 pm. Put it on your calendar! […]

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