24 03, 2021

In the Windows: Ceramic Sculpture by Pauline Mitchell and Patricia Haynes

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In the Windows: Ceramic Sculpture by Pauline Mitchell and Patricia Haynes Patricia Haynes: Drawing and painting have been abiding interests of mine since childhood. In dozens of classes, I have benefited from a group of magnetic teachers; I experimented with a wide range of media and subject matter under their tutelage. Eventually, life drawing became my primary focus. […]

10 03, 2021


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INDIA IN AMERICA: STORIES OF NEW LIVES May 13-May 31, 2006 Celebrate the richness that Indian immigrants have brought to America. Listen to oral histories Watch traditional Indian dance Listen to classical Indian music See the artwork of contemporary artists: Lorna Rockey Siddiqua Shahnawaz and Shakun Maheshwari Smell the scents and taste the food. With pleasure, I will also be showing the online "flip-book" Visual Journal of India by Dorothy Simpson Krause. Ragamala Music and Dance Theater have sent a DVD of their work. They are a company in which "old forms are used in new ways to honor the past, celebrate the present, and inspire the future." I am thrilled to have their assistance. This show was made possible with the input and assistance of the Minnesota Historical Society India Oral History Project and the India Association of Minnesota, and the Perpich Center for Arts Education Library. Many thanks are due to Polly Sonifer, Jim Fogerty, Dilip Mallik, Ram Gada, Godan Nambudiripad, Bhairavi X. Mahant, Ranee Ramaswamy, Sandhya Danapuri, Sandhya Gupta, Jeanne Iverson, and unnamed friends and neighbors who cooked, told people about the project and supported the idea.

9 03, 2021



A READER'S ART 6 CHANGING THE WIND March 4-April 28, 2006 Also featuring visual journals from the students at Hudson High School, Hudson, WI. Artists from all over the United States were asked to consider change: personal, political, or spiritual. These books and book objects are their answers. Exhibiting Artists: Alicia Bailey, CO Aileen Bassis, NJ Mary Britton Clouse, MN Betsy Dollar, CO Nora Dombrock, MN Mike Elko, MN Laura Gajdostik, WI Karen Hanmer, IL Ron Huxley, CA Linda K. Johnson, FL Aimee Lee, IL Amanda Kalinoski, MN Mary Ellen Long, CO Elizabeth Adams Marks, IL Marilyn Moore, WI Bea Nettles, IL Tara O'Brien, PA Sara Loosen Otto, IL Laura Spitz & Amee Pollack, NY Jamie Runnels, MS Kelly Schweich, MN Jackie Shearer, PA Alice Simpson, NY Jessica Spring, WA Nancy Topolski, NY Abigail Uhteg, MD Patricia Way, WA Marshall Weber, NY

9 03, 2021

DESIRE by Susan Hensel

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DESIRE by Susan Hensel January 7-February 24, 2006 OPENING RECEPTION : Saturday, JANUARY 7, 2006, 5-9 pm Three years in the making, Desire, is the first Minneapolis show by Susan Hensel. Desire is an installation. When you visit the gallery you will walk into a total environment devoted to the journey from adolescence to senescence, from sexual awakening to fecundity, relationship, sorrow, aging, and beauty. It is a lushly beautiful space, replete with color, sound, lights all focused on allowing you to experience the theme. You will be invited to enter an inner sanctum that fractures the separation between public and private. Quiet, meditative, warm, and inviting for the dark days of winter. The piece began developing about three years ago before Susan moved to Minnesota. She had just finished a mammoth installation, entitled Kristallnacht: the bystanders, about the concept of the holocaust, about the ways in which we humans can kill and maim members of our own species, and how we good people could stand by and not act. Susan has said that she was wounded and exhausted by the work that went into that piece. Years of living in the study and knowledge of death and destruction, of [...]

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