Jamie Weaver: Jamie Weaver


Reader's Art 12: Jamie Weaver Jamie Weaver West Virginia in Quilts recalls my childhood memories of growing up in rural Appalachia.  My family has long been involved with folk arts and crafts. I was encouraged to explore these creative outlets both at home and in school.  Looking back, I realize that much emphasis was placed on West Virginia as a center for Appalachian crafts and tourism. And larger issues affecting the state, like mountaintop removal and rampant meth use. Were swept under the rug.  When I was in school, we weren’t taught how to be socially, financially, and environmentally loyal to our state – we were told that to be successful adults, we’d probably have to move out of state.  So, with West Virginia in Quilts, I wanted to use a traditional Appalachian craft, quilting, to bring awareness to more serious issues affecting West Virginia. I chose an accordion fold structure so that the book unfolds and spreads out like a quilt. The title of the book works on a couple of levels: It is a glimpse of West Virginia through beautiful quilt patterns. It is also a state in quilts or covered from view.  Since the truth rarely remains hidden, I let [...]