17 01, 2022

Talk to Me by Ingrid Restemayer | Susan Hensel Gallery

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Ingrid Restemayer returns to Susan Hensel Gallery  for the second time with a new fiber art series titled Talk to Me. These pieces continue the strong compositions and driving aesthetic focus of the artist’s oeuvre, developing the threads she has woven so far while introducing a new set of idioms. Using handmade paper, printmaking and embroidery, Restemayer gives us a quiet, contemplative view of the ways humanity communicates with itself. The works combine colored paper as a background to etchings of animals, with embroidery that stitches the work together and adds textural elements on its own. […]

14 11, 2021

Body Work & Willow in Motion | Susan Hensel Gallery | Artsy.net

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BODY WORK & Willow in Motion at Susan Hensel Gallery by Martha Bird Susan Hensel Gallery is proud to present Minneapolis, multidisciplinary artist Martha Bird’s new show Willow in Motion in the Windows on Cedar Project and Body Work on artsy.net. Running from November 15th, 2021 to January 15th, 2022, Body Work exhibits Bird’s intricately created natural fiber works. Using willow the artist raises and/or harvests herself according to sustainable practices, Bird creates captivating pieces that talk about the complex struggles and triumphs of the body. These works include her well known spiral forms that mimic the organic geometry of everything from the smallest creatures to the largest galaxies. The exhibit also contains sculptural objects that examine personal experiences of trauma and injury in diverse ways. The largest number of works are in the Artsy show. A few are in the windows. Driveby, take bus#23 and see if you can figure out which pieces are here IN REAL LIFE! […]

3 09, 2021

Windows on Cedar Project update!


The Susan Hensel Gallery Windows on Cedar Project glow with a certain mystery and portent at night! Artist, Kim Matthews (pictured in front of the windows just before we bought sushi!), put a brand, spanking new  piece in the north window: D+M It is dang cool!  It is an in real life experience available to anyone who can drive or bus by 3441 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis...day or night! Because the gallery is right at a bus stop,  it's extra easy;-) You will also see LUDUS in person. See the rest of her show NEUTRAL TERRITORY at Susan Hensel Gallery on Artsy.net By the way Her show OBJECTS OF AFFECTION opens October 2 at Doug Flanders and Associates  in uptown Minneapolis.

27 06, 2021