Gallery Archives

Here you will find the archives of all exhibitions hosted at Susan Hensel Gallery, 2004-2013 when The Susan Hensel Gallery was devoted to the narrative impulse in art with a mission to:

  • Communicate stories using all the senses and any media, transforming the personal into universal or political.
  • Change reader/observers into active participants in the art experience.
  • Share ideas and stories by creating opportunities for public interaction.

2021 and going forward, exhibitions archived here will be exemplars of focus on:

2020-2022 Gallery Archives

Body Work

exhibits Bird’s intricately created natural fiber works. Using willow the artist raises and/or harvests herself according to sustainable practices, Bird creates captivating pieces that talk about the complex struggles and triumphs of the body.

Neutral Territory: The Meditative Art of Kim Matthews

Kim Matthews is an artist whose work intertwines the transcendent with the specific. Her pieces are vessels, bodies to contain the hidden truth of formlessness. Orderly and serene, organic and reverent, Matthews’ creations burrow deep into a shared space inside all of us. And her latest exhibition Neutral Territory gives us the best look at her practice thus far.Kim Matthews Neutral Territory

From the Center

Linda King Ferguson’s  work lie at the intersection of painting and object making, the restrained images of Linda King Ferguson rely on the co-properties of textiles and painting processes. She thoughtfully stains, paints front and back, creates layers while cutting away and peeling forward the images.