Gallery Archives

Here you will find the archives of all exhibitions hosted at Susan Hensel Gallery, 2004-2013 when The Susan Hensel Gallery was devoted to the narrative impulse in art with a mission to:

  • Communicate stories using all the senses and any media, transforming the personal into universal or political.
  • Change reader/observers into active participants in the art experience.
  • Share ideas and stories by creating opportunities for public interaction.

2021 and going forward, exhibitions archived here will be exemplars of focus on:

Gallery Archives

Opened September 10, 2004

ALL THINGS ELECTORAL was the inaugural show in The Gallery at Susan Hensel Design, September 10-October 29, 2004. Artists from across the United State submitted work on the theme of electoral politics. MORE…

Nov 5-Dec 29, 2004

Twenty-two artists from across the United States shared their work of faith, doubt and hope. In addition a portion of the Shower of Stoles project was shown in the windows.

Exhibiting Artists:

Barbara Adams-Hebard, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Adams-Marks, Illinois
Alicia Bailey, Colorado

Jerusha Rose Bergstrom, Twincities
Richard J. Bonk, Twincities
Mary Bowman Cline, Twincities
Mark Edwin Carlson, Twincities
Margery Coffey, Nebraska
Stephanie Dean-Moore, Canada
Patricia Dunn-Walker, Rochester
Cari Ferraro, California
Jane Gerus,Twincities
Karen Hanmer, Illinois
Susan Hensel,Twincities
Susan Kapuscinki-Gaylord, Massachusetts
Cody Kiser, Twincities
Marc Lamm,Twincities
Teresa Prater, S. Carolina
Elena Mary Siff, California
Jodie L. Walz, Twincities
Sherri Warner, Twincities


by Kari Gunter-Seymoor

In the Christian calendar Advent is a season of watchful waiting. For military families in wartime, it is always Advent.

January 7-February 26, 2005

A terribly important and terribly moving exhibit about this sort of advent showed at Susan Hensel Design at 3441 Cedar Ave. S, Mpls. Kari Gunter-Seymour, an artist, a single parent, a pacifist waits for her son’s safe return from Iraq. It is an untenable waiting. To make the waiting possible, she has become very active and invites you to join her. MORE…

March 4-April 28, 2005

Reception for the artist’s March 4, 5-9 pm

Also open March 5, 1-4 pm, April 8, 5-7 pm, and by generous appointment.

In this, the fifth year of the show, I asked for artists’ books that might bend the idea of the book or stretch the string of narrative. Bound, unbound, sculptural, singular, or editioned. I asked, ” Where does your notion of bookness lie today? ” MORE…

May 2005

The show is OVER! Watch the movie! If you like what you see, and desire a larger movie image, so you can actually read the text, contact me for a DVD, $5. There are a few steak lunchboxes, rubber chickens, terracotta bunnies, and cows available for sale…the price is the amount that represents the intersection between what it’s worth to you and what you can afford. There are also notecards of the farm animals with attitude, by Gwen Schagrin, printed on Johannot paper, $2.50 per card. 10% of all sales will be sent to Second Harvest to help fight hunger. MORE…

Paintings & poetry by Travis Pickard and Tim Lane
July 8-August 26

The opening on Friday, July 8, was warm and warmly received. The artists were welcomed by many of Minneapolis’s best who stayed to hear passionate poetry reading by Tim. More of the show, installed, can be seen below. Stay with it and scroll down to read just ONE of the poems read on Friday night. Tim’s chapbook will be published in roughly December. Contact Tim for details or to place an order: By the way, that’s Tim on the ladder and Travis drinking coffee. It seems about right…except there really should be a can of Coke Classic in every shot. MORE…


August 3, one night only

A one night multimedia performance by The Night. The Night is a new media ensemble whose work focuses on the interrelations between sound and image, using musical improvisation and elegant computer programming that features real-time video that is changed and affected by the performance.

Formed in early 2003, the group consists of an ever-changing group of musicians and artists, mostly Oberlin College graduates, including sitar player Ami K. Dang, video artist John Hensel, Travis Johns, who plays bass and electronics, and others. To date, their work has been featured in such places as the 2003 Placard Experimental Music Festival, The Spaceworks Gallery (NYC) and the Allen Memorial Art Museum.

They will preview their East Coast August tour with a performance here in Minneapolis at the Susan Hensel Gallery on August 3, 8pm-10pm. Free.

Travis Johns work can be heard on Fighter Pilots, available from iTunes


November 4 – December 29, 2005

Artwork from all traditions and attitudes that deals with the concept of the intersection of faith and politics. How do they intersect? Should they intersect? How does one affect the other? A diverse response ensued. This show of painting, sculpture, books, mixed media & video is their answer. Some answer with further questions. Some answer with fierce proclamations. Some answer with quiet meditations on faith. MORE…

Encaustic & mixed media about fecundity, growth and mortality

by Leslie Sobel

September 9- October 14

Ann Arbor artist Leslie Sobel said of her work, “My work is driven by my fasci-nation with biology. I intend it to be earthy and profound, sexual and ethereal. My mother’s recent death from cancer has personalized and deepened intellectual & aesthetic ideas into passion.” MORE…

by Susan Hensel

January 7-February 24, 2006

Saturday, JANUARY 7, 2006, 5-9pm

Three years in the making, Desire, is the first Minneapolis show by Susan Hensel. Desire is an installation. When you visit the gallery you will walk into a total environment devoted to the journey from adolescence to senescence, from sexual awakening to fecundity, relationship, sorrow, aging and beauty. It is a lushly beautiful space, replete with color, sound, lights all focused on allowing you to experience the theme. You will be invited to enter an inner sanctum that fractures the separation between public and private. Quiet, meditative, warm and inviting for the dark days of winter.

The piece began developing about three years ago, before Susan moved to Minnesota. She had just finished a mammoth installation, entitled Kristallnacht: the bystanders, about the concept of holocaust, about the ways in which we humans can kill and maim members of our own species, and how we good people could stand by and not act. Susan has said that she was wounded and exhausted by the work that went into that piece. Years of living in the study and knowledge of death and destruction, of human evil had taken its toll.

It took about six months for the usually ebullient Hensel to feel normal again. She asked herself, “What should I do next? What frontier did I have left to explore? What was the opposite of death and destruction? I determined to investigate sexuality and aging.” As the arc of the project proceeded, she found she was creating a quasi-historical, many-layered narratives of sexual awakening, fecundity, relationship, sorrow, and aging. Using drawing, photography, printing, collage, assemblage, light, and sound, Hensel creates a beautiful, problematic environment that ultimately engages the existential question of how we manage to live alone in the prison of our bodies.

A catalog of the DESIRE show is avaiable for $15 MORE…


March 4-April 28, 2006

Also featuring visual journals from the students at Hudson High School, Hudson, WI.

Artists from all over the United States were asked to consider change: personal, political or spiritual. These books and book objects are their answers. MORE…

May 13-May 31, 2006

Celebrate the richness that Indian immigrants have brought to America.
Listen to oral histories
Watch traditional Indian dance
Listen to classical Indian music
See the artwork of contemporary artists:
Lorna Rockey
Siddiqua Shahnawaz
and Shakun Maheshwari

Smell the scents and taste the food.
With pleasure, I will also be showing the online “flip-book” Visual Journal of India by Dorothy Simpson Krause.

Ragamala Music and Dance Theater has sent a DVD of their work. They are a company in which “old forms are used in new ways to honor the past, celebrate the present, and inspire the future.” I am thrilled to have their assitance.

This show was made possible with the input and assistance of the Minnesota Historical Society India Oral History Project and the India Association of Minnesota , and Perpich Center for Arts Education Library.

Many thanks are due to: Polly Sonifer, Jim Fogerty, Dilip Mallik, Ram Gada, Godan Nambudiripad, Bhairavi X. Mahant, Ranee Ramaswamy, Sandhya Danapuri, Sandhya Gupta, Jeanne Iverson and unnamed friends and neighbors who cooked, told people about the project and supported the idea. MORE…

July 8-31, 2006

What happens when artists take up the needle arts?
It’s certainly not your Grandma’s doilies!
Come see a national group of artists who work with sculptural yarn, pictorial stitches and performance art.

Exhibiting Artists:

Jay Benson
Jenny Dallas
Katherine Daniels
Edith DeChiara
Mike Elko
Peggy Johnston
Karen Searle
Rachel Suntop
Lisa Switalski
Erin Vigneau Dimick
Gail Wagner
Lynn DT Herschberger
Dorothy Roskam


Jay Benson Jenny DallasKatherine Daniels | Edith
 | Mike Elko | Peggy Johnston | Laura Lewis
Carla Mantel | Julie Millies | Michele Pollock | Alison
 | Karen Searle | Ann Corely Silverman | Rachel
 | Lisa Switalski | Erin Vigneau Dimick | Gail
 | Rosie Casey | Lynn DT Herschberger | Dorothy
 | Susan Hensel w/ assistance from Carla Mantel

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watch a movie of the performance


new work by Seamus Leonard

September 9 – October 28

“-I tell stories through pencil, pen, pictures, and words-“

It is the aim of Seamus Leonard to create contemporary visual and written mythologies. To tell linear and non-linear stories of past and contemporary mythologies. To create poems, prose, and short stories, mixed into contemporary medieval manuscripts, artist made books, publications, illustrations, comic books, installations, films and performance. Come spend some time with this work. You will be richly rewarded.

Also in October



Poetry & text by Michele CampbellHaley Lasche , Seamus Leonard, Jen March and Ace Moore in response to the work of Seamus Leonard.

Friday, October 20, 7pm


Chime | Mining | Flight