“Productivity In The Studio” by artist Susan Hensel

Susan Hensel has wrote 9 part blog series on productivity in the studio. This is a free guide on how to grow your art business.

Artist Susan Hensel shares her expert advice and tips for other professional artists. This is a guide for “keeping it together and getting it out the studio door for professional artists”. She is also a contemporary artist.  Susan has run fine art gallery in the past. In recent years Hensel has additionally been awarded multiple grants and residencies, These are through the Jerome Foundation, Minnesota State Arts Board, and Ragdale Foundation.

Susan Hensel is a highly productive, multimedia artist who shows a lot. She also represents herself as an artist. This means she shows in academic settings and artist-run spaces. In her 40+ year career, she has exhibited in well over 200 exhibitions, with 35 solo shows, from coast to coast, with a brief foray into Mexico. Susan Hensel is also a former gallery director with over 12 years of experience.

As an artist, you must know how to grow your art business. 

“As an artist, I find its beauty and structure is qualitatively unique. It deals in optical color perception but provides a lenticular opportunity due to the tri-lobal structure of the thread and its ability to bend light. To quote Jane McKeating, “Color drips off the needle every bit as richly as from a brush.”