Textile Study Group of New York members are a diverse group. Some are enthusiastic beginners. Others are professionals with experience. Some work in textile-related fields as historians, teachers, critics, curators, and writers. But most members are artists. Their work is often informed by a grounding in both fine arts and traditional craft training. This lends an exciting openness to their art-making, and is reflected in the myriad genres showcased in their work: airbrush, appliqué, baskets, beading, collage, dyeing, embroidery, encaustic, felting, found materials, hooking, ikat, installation, jewelry, joomchi, knotting, mixed media, paper, papier-mâché, printing, quilting, rope, rugs, sculpture, sewing, shibori, tapestry, weaving, and wire!

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TSGNY’s membership year begins September 1, 2019 or upon joining, and ends August 31, 2020.

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How We Grew

In 2019, the Textile Study Group of New York (TSGNY) celebrates its 42nd anniversary: a wonderful testament to the group’s ongoing vitality and importance in the lives of its members. TSGNY is dedicated to the study and appreciation of fiber art in all forms. From historic cloth to contemporary installation, from textile design to tensile architecture. Its members come from several countries, and all corners of the art world. Throughout the years, so many important artists and scholars have addressed the group. The roster reads like an encyclopedia of what’s happened and who’s who in the fiber art world over the last four decades.

Textile Study Group of New York

The mission of non-profit Textile Study Group of New York Inc. is to educate and promote a wider appreciation of fiber art among the larger art community and the public in general and to inspire and support artists who share a mutual commitment to fiber as a medium for artistic expression.

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Educating and promoting a wider appreciation of fiber art among the larger art community.


TSGNY Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Kim Svoboda
Kim SvobodaPresident
Debie Morris
Debie MorrisVice-President
Alyn Evans
Alyn EvansSecretary-Treasurer