Weavers Guild of Minnesota: Preserving and Advancing the Arts of Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing.

The WGA preserves and advances the art of weaving, spinning, and dyeing. We are committed to sustained diversity, equity, and inclusion work. The WGA preserves and strengthens traditions from faraway places such as Asia, Africa, and Scandinavia. Produced in partnership with Twin Cities Public Television. Additional funding provided by the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment.

What is the WGA?

As the largest weavers guild in the US, WGM staff is used to hearing the repeated refrain from visitors, “I wish we had something like this where I’m from.” Founded in 1940 by twenty-six enthusiasts, the Weavers Guild of Minnesota (WGM) has grown from an all-volunteer organization to one that offers classes and events year-round.

Becoming a Member

Member events include meetings and lectures, self-study interest groups, exhibition opportunities and the annual artisan sale. It is easy to register as a member and renew your membership online. You can also gift a membership to a friend of your choosing! Membership is open to everyone. Join The Weavers Guild of Minnesota!

WGA Artist Resources

The WGA includes many resources for artists. Get access to library and swatch archives full of hand-woven swatches. Members can rent equipment such as looms and spinning wheels. If you are looking sharpen your skills you can join member interest groups and one-on-one private lessons with instructors.

WGM Board and Staff

The Executive Committee of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota

Celeste Grant
Celeste GrantPresident
Retired attorney from State of MN, degrees in studio art, art history, law, international arbitration.
Linda Soranno
Linda SorannoPresident Elect
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel at General Mills; interest in developing ethical organizations.
Matthew Schutz,
Matthew Schutz, Treasurer
CPA specializing in not-for-profit accounting, regulation interpretation, and financial reporting.

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Preserving and advancing the arts of weaving, spinning, and dyeing