IN THE WINDOWS: Blythe Davis

2022-07-07T13:01:18-04:00News, Artists|

ARTIST STATEMENT – Painter Blythe M Davis My Wild REcycleD bike pieces are inspired by Pablo Picasso's 1942 work, Tête de Taureau ive_(Bull's Head), and are created using collected bike components heading for reuse, recycling, scrap, or landfills. The parts I use are from from Twin Cities bike shops and local community members. Some of the wood bases are created from thrift ed game boards, old signs, cabinet doors, cutting boards, or purchase raw wood plaques. Blythe M Davis's Process Visually, I am often inspired by the rough and rugged aspects of the world. Those that have withstood the battle against time, space, and weather. Bike sculpture allows me to visually experiment with the conflicting states of harmony and struggle, finding beauty in what others might deem ugly. These bike components have seen many miles and maybe some better days, but I think the unique wear, tape, rips, scuffs, and scratches add visual interest and appeal to each one-of-a-kind art piece. Though not a proponent of hunting for sport, I find the concept of using trophies to display one's achievements an intriguing social practice. With these pieces, I aim to whimsically celebrate our incredibly vibrant Twin Cities bike culture. [...]