Give it a punch! Christopher Rowley’s Technique.

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Give it a punch! Christopher Rowley’s Technique The Regrettable Truth of the Cliché  by Christopher Rowley opened on today!  What amazing work.  Four of his pieces are in the Windows on Cedar Project  at Susan Hensel Gallery as well, so people who are local or travel to Minneapolis can see them in person.  […]

Exhibitions Opening Soon |Susan Hensel Projects | Bookish

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Exhibitions Opening Soon! BOOKISH-New art in Covid-times, A special exhibition inspired by books Watch a small preview! Opening Dec 18, 2020   Bookish Facebook – HD 720p “Susan Hensel’s latest work is a continuation and evolution of her renowned artist books. In the new online series titled Bookish, she presents fabric and multi-media pieces that depict the book liberated by Hensel’s vision and veneration, picking up themes from past work and developing fresh perspectives. The series represents the deep reservoir of ideas and approaches born out of a long relationship between an artist and her subject matter.”- Jonathon M Clark, independent critic […]