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THE NIGHT - A Minneapolis Multimedia Performance SPECIAL EVENT August 3, one night only A one-night Minneapolis multimedia performance by The Night. The Night is a new media ensemble whose work focuses on the interrelations between sound and image. They use musical improvisation and elegant computer programming. Their music features a real-time video. The performance affects their video. Formed in early 2003, the group consists of an ever-changing group of musicians and artists, mostly Oberlin College graduates, including sitar player Ami K. Dang, video artist John Hensel, Travis Johns, who plays bass and electronics, and others. Their work has been featured in many places. This includes the 2003 Placard Experimental Music Festival, The Spaceworks Gallery (NYC), and the Allen Memorial Art Museum. They will preview their East Coast August tour with a performance here in Minneapolis at the Susan Hensel Gallery on August 3, 8 pm-10 pm. Free. Travis Johns work can be heard on Fighter Pilots, available from iTunes Artwork by Susan Hensel Discover intriguing textile art by Susan Hensel. Susan is a multidisciplinary artist, with a 50+ year career. She combines a mixed media practice with embroidery acro