The “Geist” of Dean Ebben

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The "Geist" of Dean Ebben Geist is a word that comes up in discussion with Dean Ebben...There is not a precise definition or translation of it. But it seems to be the "uber" meaning, the unspoken totality or subconscious underpinnings of experiences. It relates to his understanding of the meaning of "wisdom work." Although Dean works in the Museum of Biblical Art, his understanding of wisdom work is not a religious one. Like the writers of deep history, he seeks wisdom through the exploration of ideas, materials, mythology and narrative...He seeks the "geist." Dean has made a series entitled Geist .They are gouache paintings, painted on over beaten flax that he beat and sheet-formed at Cave Paper in Minneapolis, MN. The images stem from imagination, dreams, personal mythology, media, art history and popular culture. The series continues with increasing subtlety and will likely be part of his show. In the House of the Mineral Spirits, opening in January. About Susan Hensel Gallery Opened September 10th, 2004 Susan Hensel Gallery was a gallery/ workspace presenting 5-6 shows per year devoted to the concept of narrative in the arts in an intimate space, with hardwood floors and high [...]

Navigating New Waters: Kate Vinson in 2021 |Susan Hensel Gallery

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NAVIGATING NEW WATERS Now Open in Susan Hensel Gallery by KATE VINSON “Navigating New Waters” by Textile Artist Kate Vinson in the windows at Susan Hensel Gallery. I have known Kate Vinson for a number of years now. I first met her when she received the Jerome Foundation Project Grant for Textile Art  in roughly 2015.  There was  a reception for past and present Jerome artists led by the new director of the Textile Center of Minnesota. I met some truly wonderful artists there, who remain important to me today!  Kate is among them. Kate is a restless creative, working across natural media, focusing on using the body and natural materials. She talks about making art as being a “full body” kinesthetic experience. Additionally, I’ve know her as an artist with a true love of materials; an outdoor adventure educator and guide; as a high school art teacher, now at Perpich Arts High School. In whatever she does, nature plays an important role.  Her exhibition, Navigating New Waters | Susan Hensel Gallery, is also continuing evidence of that passion. […]

Piecework- as textiles grow


Piecework- as textiles grow Piecework- as textiles grow. Textiles have always grown incrementally, piece by piece. When it was industrialized, workers were paid by the piece. The work of Libbie Soffer and Carolyn Halliday both reflect the reality of the repetition, the piecework inherent in women's production. In the tiny little picture of Carolyn, you see her working slowly, with both her arms in casts. She broke both her wrists during the production phase and had to piece-out some of the work to family members. ars domestica More Mending Circles: Daytime circles: May 23, noon -5pm Evening Circle: May 20, 5pm   My Father's Religion by Carolyn Halliday June 4-July12 opening reception June 17, 7-9

There is a certain mystery that lurks here…

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There is a certain mystery that lurks here... Just off the center of the gallery lurks a mystery: a house that neither hides, nor quite shelters space. Enclosed in this house is our basic human vulnerability. It stands like a ghost, a chimera, a reminder that our sense of control and safety is a necessary trope that allows us to live in this world. When you look through it, it softens our vision like sweet nostalgia. ars domestica continues through the end of the month, May 28. More Mending Circles remain. Bring your mending and your stories. Libbie Soffer will provide company, expertise or her own nimble fingers, as needed.   Mending Circle times: May 16, 17, 18 & 23, noon-5pm Friday, May 20, 5pm until around 7 pm when Carolyn Halliday will lead a discussion with Libbie about her work. And, remember, the Susan Hensel Gallery is always open Monday 10-5 and on other days by very generous appointment. Susan Hensel Gallery The focus of Susan Hensel Gallery is on compelling objects, meaningful use of materials, and engaging sculpture. It is a gallery where experimental ideas and works of the hand join to create unique [...]

Interview with K. Daphnae Koop | Susan Hensel Gallery

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Interview with K. Daphnae Koop Susan Hensel Gallery Interview with K. Daphnae. As the new website for Susan Hensel Gallery matures and as my experience on grows, I thought it would be nice to start an interview series with the artists I represent. […]

Exhibitions Opening Soon |Susan Hensel Projects | Bookish

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Exhibitions Opening Soon! BOOKISH-New art in Covid-times, A special exhibition inspired by books Watch a small preview! Opening Dec 18, 2020   Bookish Facebook – HD 720p “Susan Hensel’s latest work is a continuation and evolution of her renowned artist books. In the new online series titled Bookish, she presents fabric and multi-media pieces that depict the book liberated by Hensel’s vision and veneration, picking up themes from past work and developing fresh perspectives. The series represents the deep reservoir of ideas and approaches born out of a long relationship between an artist and her subject matter.”- Jonathon M Clark, independent critic […]

Art Catalogs For Artists

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Susan Hensel Projects Art Catalogs Catalogs! Catalogs! Catalogs! Just a little note to let you know that there are FREE art catalogs available from Susan Hensel Projects!  The pandemic made me do it!  That is, start the special, online, curated exhibitions.  As a result, the list of catalogs is growing.  Get them here! Take a look below to get a preview and go take a look or download them for later.  You can also print them out!   […]

From Rust Belt to Artist Belt

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From Rust Belt to Artist Belt Leslie Sobel, here tonight in the gallery. Is involved in the Rust Belt to Artist Belt conferences and was instrumental to bringing the conference to Detroit. April 2010... "Wayne State University's Tech Town led the city's bid for the conference. Working with a number of other local organizations, including The Heidelberg Project, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design and WSU College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts. The group should know in the next couple of weeks when the conference will be held, said Julie Brock, development director for Tech Town. Tech Town has hired Leslie Sobel. An independent artist from Milan and president of the Milan Area Arts Council. To help plan the conference and to expand participation of arts organizations beyond Detroit to those in other Southeast Michigan counties, Brock said. “The conference is centered on the idea that rust belt cities are the perfect breeding ground for new artists. With low-cost living, industrial spaces and open land you can't get in New York or (Los Angeles,)” Brock said. “Because it's been so successful in Cleveland the past two years. They wanted one of [...]

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