I have been an admirer of Linda King Ferguson’s dimensional paintings since I first saw them! Her work is smart, pristine, gloriously colored and makes use of space and perception in new ways.Hershow, From the Center, opens this week at Susan Hensel Gallery on Artsy.

Linda King Ferguson is an artist whose career merges fine art with object making, exploring social and physical processes while her abstract work remains serene and meticulously constructed. Her new exhibition From the Center contains paintings in acrylic and stains on stretched linen.

The works make use of tilted orientations, bold colors, and the exploration of the substrate as a point of articulation. The series has something of the air of the Bauhaus, the Zero Group, and other artists who — not coincidentally — were concerned with applied art and interdisciplinary practice. Ferguson herself has had a career that winds through both design and fine art.

independent critic, Johnathon M. Clarke.



“My practice focuses on the intersection of painting and object making. With restraint I use the properties of painting and textiles combining the processes of staining, painting interior and exterior, layering, cutting away and peeling forward, hue partnerships, and hard edges.”- Linda King Ferguson

Do come view Linda King Ferguson’s dimensional paintings.  The show is UP, although the start date is June 15.  You can see the work  now at Susan Hensel Gallery on Artsy.net