Navigating New Waters: Kate Vinson in 2021 |Susan Hensel Gallery

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NAVIGATING NEW WATERS Now Open in Susan Hensel Gallery by KATE VINSON “Navigating New Waters” by Textile Artist Kate Vinson in the windows at Susan Hensel Gallery. I have known Kate Vinson for a number of years now. I first met her when she received the Jerome Foundation Project Grant for Textile Art  in roughly 2015.  There was  a reception for past and present Jerome artists led by the new director of the Textile Center of Minnesota. I met some truly wonderful artists there, who remain important to me today!  Kate is among them. Kate is a restless creative, working across natural media, focusing on using the body and natural materials. She talks about making art as being a “full body” kinesthetic experience. Additionally, I’ve know her as an artist with a true love of materials; an outdoor adventure educator and guide; as a high school art teacher, now at Perpich Arts High School. In whatever she does, nature plays an important role.  Her exhibition, Navigating New Waters | Susan Hensel Gallery, is also continuing evidence of that passion. […]

There is a certain mystery that lurks here…

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There is a certain mystery that lurks here... Just off the center of the gallery lurks a mystery: a house that neither hides, nor quite shelters space. Enclosed in this house is our basic human vulnerability. It stands like a ghost, a chimera, a reminder that our sense of control and safety is a necessary trope that allows us to live in this world. When you look through it, it softens our vision like sweet nostalgia. ars domestica continues through the end of the month, May 28. More Mending Circles remain. Bring your mending and your stories. Libbie Soffer will provide company, expertise or her own nimble fingers, as needed.   Mending Circle times: May 16, 17, 18 & 23, noon-5pm Friday, May 20, 5pm until around 7 pm when Carolyn Halliday will lead a discussion with Libbie about her work. And, remember, the Susan Hensel Gallery is always open Monday 10-5 and on other days by very generous appointment. Susan Hensel Gallery The focus of Susan Hensel Gallery is on compelling objects, meaningful use of materials, and engaging sculpture. It is a gallery where experimental ideas and works of the hand join to create unique [...]

From Rust Belt to Artist Belt

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From Rust Belt to Artist Belt Leslie Sobel, here tonight in the gallery. Is involved in the Rust Belt to Artist Belt conferences and was instrumental to bringing the conference to Detroit. April 2010... "Wayne State University's Tech Town led the city's bid for the conference. Working with a number of other local organizations, including The Heidelberg Project, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design and WSU College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts. The group should know in the next couple of weeks when the conference will be held, said Julie Brock, development director for Tech Town. Tech Town has hired Leslie Sobel. An independent artist from Milan and president of the Milan Area Arts Council. To help plan the conference and to expand participation of arts organizations beyond Detroit to those in other Southeast Michigan counties, Brock said. “The conference is centered on the idea that rust belt cities are the perfect breeding ground for new artists. With low-cost living, industrial spaces and open land you can't get in New York or (Los Angeles,)” Brock said. “Because it's been so successful in Cleveland the past two years. They wanted one of [...]

Robyn Hendrix Contraption in the Windows on Cedar Project

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Robyn Hendrix Contraption in the Windows on Cedar Project Robyn Hendrix Contraption in the Windows on Cedar Project. What a pleasure it is to present Robyn Hendrix quirky watercolors in the windows! She first showed with Susan Hensel Gallery in 2009. ( The Leap of Faith 5)  This suite, playing with transparency and light is entitled CONTRAPTIONS. […]

Study with Adrienne Sloane

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Study with Adrienne Sloane Study with Adrienne Sloane (Leslie D., Martha B.,Deb G.,Fran N., me, Adrienne Sloane) The class, Knitting and the Political Landscape, by Adrienne Sloane, finally taught this longtime knitter (like 40 years on and off) HOW to knit. The goal was to accumulate enough skills to be able to knit in a sculptural manner. It was so HARD ON MY HANDS! (The nearly 50 years of art working have taken a toll!) BUT, stay tuned. Things may happen! I organized and added a few needles to the stash and do have plans involving shifu, audio tape and wool. It was a power-packed class. The lists and the bulletin boards barely cover the intensity. We sampled, sampled and sampled, technique after technique, stretching our knitting concepts and forms into three dimensional space. In the end, yarn bombing happened. Leslie, with the help of Martha, knit a garter for a baluster outside of Yudof Hall. Other bombs were sprinkled through McNeil Hall Susan Hensel Gallery The focus of Susan Hensel Gallery is on compelling objects, meaningful use of materials, and engaging sculpture. It is a gallery where experimental ideas [...]

Sydney Aquarium after hours

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Sydney Aquarium after hours I was not particularly looking forward to the Sydney Aquarium...You know, seen one seen them all. And I suppose it was not that unusual as aquariums go. BUT we got to see it with no strollers, no screaming kids, no cranky parents! The most exciting thing was seeing 2 real platypus! The were quite small, swimming far to quickly for my camera to catch them in the dark water. Holly is a woman from Florida who wears fine jewelry and always arrives fashionably and creatively dressed. Except for the Florida connection, I would never have dreamed of her special talent. Holly can talk to the sea creatures, even through the glass, and they appear to listen. Holly's normal voice is quite loud, brash, carrying far. When she talks to the sea creatures, she speaks with the tone of a new lover, sweet & inviting. The leopard ray came right to the glass and seemed to reach out to her. The dugong stopped sleeping, and swam to her. About Susan Hensel Gallery Opened September 10th, 2004 Susan Hensel Gallery was a gallery/ workspace presenting 5-6 shows per [...]

The Gallery is pregnant?

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The Gallery is pregnant? Things are brewing, even as sabbatical continues. It is an exciting time in the quiet gallery. Nothing is hanging on the wall. Everything is pregnant with potential! The windows are growing and blooming with the art by Debora Miller. Drive by, especially after dark to see them at their best! Soon we will have another South Minneapolis Wild Wool Market: October 23. In December a new show will open...its title is unknown...but it is a collaboration between Susan Hensel and her son John Hensel. John is a fine photographer who is able to take an idea, a glimmer, really, and make it sing. I had a weird idea that involved yarn that told a story. His photography makes that potential story real. Stay tuned for dates! The party will be sometime over the Christmas holidays, since that is when he visits Minneapolis. And then, Dean Ebben's show will open in January. Dean is a local guy who moved on to New York. He comes back every year to see family and to teach at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. On January 14 he will open IN THE HOUSE OF THE MINERAL SPIRITS at Susan [...]

As summer slowly arrives…

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As summer slowly arrives... The coming months at Susan Hensel Gallery will be pretty quiet... Well, not exactly quiet. A lot will be going on, but there will be no exhibitions scheduled for a couple of months. My summer exhibitor had to cancel for various reasons, leaving a hole in the schedule. Rather than fill the hole, I will be using the time and space to rest and spend time making my own art. I'm thinking of it as a trial run for my retirement! There will also be workmen around replacing windows! What will I be doing? Well, any number of things. First I will be filling the empty walls ( No, they are not empty yet! Carolyn Halliday's show continues until July 12) with huge sheets of paper so I can make really BIG drawings! But mostly I will be working on a couple of sculptures and installations. I will continue to dye and spin wool...Some will be for sale here and in my ETSY shop. Some will be used in my artwork. I will still keep Monday hours. The wool shop will be more open. It won't have to hide to prevent competition with the exhibitions. Textile [...]

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