COVID-19 And Art, Time-No-Time


COVID-19 And Art, Time-No-Time My friends and I named the epidemic the “TIME-NO-TIME”. But, the interaction of COVID-19 and art, the epidemic cancelled my exhibition schedule in one fell swoop. After 50 years of making and exhibiting artwork at almost all times…the work had nowhere to go. Of course, the first response was panic. In order to assert a little control over the TIME-NO-TIME, I decided to study and learn more about the trends in the global art market. I enrolled in an intensive class on artwork economics with Christie’s Auction House, studying under Dr. Clare McAndrew, a world-renowned analyst of global art business. I had been observing the changes happening re: online sales. All indications were that this segment would grow during the pandemic, reduce somewhat as it died down, but remain at 15-25% of sales going forward.     Moving Online: COVID-19 And Art Subsequently, several things intersected. I had hired Faceless Marketing, a full-service marketing agency prior to COVID-19, to re-brand me, polish up my personal website as well as my gallery website, and create a real presence on the internet. I was looking for more ways to exhibit even though galleries and museums were shut down. The first thing [...]