The Wedding Reception was Delicious

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The Wedding Reception was Delicious Friday, May 2, the wedding reception was delicious! Betsy bakes a 5 layer wedding cake. She learned about baking "fancy stuff" when her daughter was in middle school. And insisted on studying the fine art of pastry! A bit of it rubbed off on Mom!  Late in the evening a couple of other guests arrived! Mr and Mrs Teddy Bear have gone next door to visit with my god-daughter Lisa and her little sister. That is their proud Granny Cathy keeping them from flying away! Susan Hensel Gallery The focus of Susan Hensel Gallery is on compelling objects, meaningful use of materials, and engaging sculpture. It is a gallery where experimental ideas and works of the hand join to create unique sensory experiences. Opened September 10th, 2004 Susan Hensel Gallery is a gallery/ workspace presenting 5-6 shows per year in an intimate space, with hardwood floors and high tin ceilings. In 2013 the interior space reverted to a working studio for Susan Hensel where she continues to work on small and largescale artwork that engages both sculptural and cultural spa