Leap of Faith opens Friday

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Leap of Faith opens Friday The floor is still dirty, flotsam and jetsum abound and the lights need adjusting. But, the show is hung in the Susan Hensel Gallery. And it is almost ready at ArtSpace as well, thanks to Sue Goodspeed and Dale Kennedy. Today I have a few rough pictures of the SHD space. I do like to show you the installations in process, from chaos to completion. But I was too tired and spacey after staying up watching the election results to photograph the fulll effect! This portion of the show looks very pre-election: it is rather somber in tone. But the windows! Oh you must drive by at night! Local artist Debora Miller installed a brillant, glowing, colorful site specific installation called Collection. It lights the night! Tomorrow, I will try to photograph the ArtSpace portion of the show. Ta,ta! Susan Hensel Gallery The focus of Susan Hensel Gallery is on compelling objects, meaningful use of materials, and engaging sculpture. It is a gallery where experimental ideas and works of the hand join to create unique sensory experiences. Opened September 10th, 2004 Susan Hensel Gallery is a [...]

New Exhibition | Christopher Rowley | Susan Hensel Gallery


Opening Soon The Regrettable Truth of the Cliché by Christopher Rowley May 15 – July 15, 2022 I first became aware of Christopher Rowley’s art work when I juried the textile section of the fine arts competition at the Minnesota State Fair in 2021. I was blown away!  Indeed I gave him an award. And we immediately met for coffee  to talk about gallery representation! […]

Martha Bird | Gallery Sales | Susan Hensel Gallery

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Martha Bird: Sales Are a Good Thing Martha Bird’s sold piece, Then to Now, just shipped to the art consultant today. SCORE! You never know exactly where sales will come from.  Martha’s show with Susan Hensel Gallery, Body Work, ended in mid January. No sales during the show period. But four months later… But one of the beauties of online exhibitions is that the work can remain available after the exhibition if you have made that agreement with your gallery.  That was the case for Martha Bird. As a gallerist and artist, I want to give my represented artists the maximum flexibility possible because, from my experience it can take a long time for buyers to pull-the-trigger on a purchase…like YEARS!   […]

Neotectonic Period | New Exhibit | Susan Hensel Gallery

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Neotectonic Period: A Radical Proposal for Beauty NOW OPEN AT: Susan Hensel Gallery on Artsy.net   Neotectonic Period: A Radical Proposal for Beauty is a new solo exhibition of mixed media sculpture by Susan Hensel. Running from March 15th to May 15th on the Susan Hensel Gallery’s online Artsy platform. The show exhibits the artist’s groundbreaking digital embroidery techniques combined with a variety of materials. […]

Talk to Me by Ingrid Restemayer | Susan Hensel Gallery

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Ingrid Restemayer returns to Susan Hensel Gallery  for the second time with a new fiber art series titled Talk to Me. These pieces continue the strong compositions and driving aesthetic focus of the artist’s oeuvre, developing the threads she has woven so far while introducing a new set of idioms. Using handmade paper, printmaking and embroidery, Restemayer gives us a quiet, contemplative view of the ways humanity communicates with itself. The works combine colored paper as a background to etchings of animals, with embroidery that stitches the work together and adds textural elements on its own. […]

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