15 10, 2020

Art Catalogs For Artists

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Susan Hensel Projects Art Catalogs Catalogs! Catalogs! Catalogs! Just a little note to let you know that there are FREE art catalogs available from Susan Hensel Projects!  The pandemic made me do it!  That is, start the special, online, curated exhibitions.  As a result, the list of catalogs is growing.  Get them here! Take a look below to get a preview and go take a look or download them for later.  You can also print them out!   […]

11 10, 2020

In The Windows: Nina Martine Robinson | Neurotangle by Nina Martine Robinson


Nina Robinson is an emerging St. Paul-based contemporary textile artist whose creative process starts wit a sewing machine.  Neurotangle, created in 2019, is an early exploration into utilizing repurposed clothing as a metaphor for neurodiversity. In 2018, her 23-year-old son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, specifically Aspergers Syndrome. Many individuals on the spectrum have self-soothing behaviors called “stims.” These repetitive actions help to calm nerves and soothe them during high-stress situations.  For her son, it the deconstruction of his pants. […]

18 09, 2020

From Rust Belt to Artist Belt

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From Rust Belt to Artist Belt Leslie Sobel, here tonight in the gallery. Is involved in the Rust Belt to Artist Belt conferences and was instrumental to bringing the conference to Detroit. http://www.detroitmakeithere.com/article/20100405/DM01/304059989 April 2010... "Wayne State University's Tech Town led the city's bid for the conference. Working with a number of other local organizations, including The Heidelberg Project, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design and WSU College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts. The group should know in the next couple of weeks when the conference will be held, said Julie Brock, development director for Tech Town. Tech Town has hired Leslie Sobel. An independent artist from Milan and president of the Milan Area Arts Council. To help plan the conference and to expand participation of arts organizations beyond Detroit to those in other Southeast Michigan counties, Brock said. “The conference is centered on the idea that rust belt cities are the perfect breeding ground for new artists. With low-cost living, industrial spaces and open land you can't get in New York or (Los Angeles,)” Brock said. “Because it's been so successful in Cleveland the past two years. They wanted one of [...]

3 06, 2020

Why I persist | Covid and civil unrest | Susan Hensel Gallery

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“Hope is a fragile thing, Peter continued, as fragile as a flower. Its fragility makes it easy to sneer at, by people who see life as a dark and difficult ordeal, people who get angry when something they can’t believe in themselves gives comfort to others. They prefer to crush the flower underfoot as if to say: See how weak this thing is, see how easily it can be destroyed. But, in truth, hope is one of the strongest things in the universe. Empires fall, civilizations vanish into dust, but hope always comes back, pushing up through the ashes, growing from seeds that are invisible and invincible.”-Michael Faber […]

20 05, 2020

The Art Business in times of Covid | Susan Hensel Gallery


  What have you been doing during this pandemic? I’ve been reading about business! What have you been doing during this pandemic? I am looking at the gallery scene, mostly in the US.  I have been listening to interviews with people like David Zwirner and Jeffrey Deitch.  Reading online magazines: The Art Newspaper, Artnet News, Hyperallergic, Artsy, Artspace.  It has been very interesting. Like many artists, nearly 100% of my planned exhibitions were delayed or canceled. I’m not yet suffering financially, although most artists are.  Most galleries are in or about to be in dire straits. Some of the artist-run spaces I know are closing. So are some of the mid-sized spaces. Studio crawls are attempting to go virtual. Museums are shut as tight as a drum! […]

12 05, 2020

Log Rhythm | Music, Wordplay and Numbers | Susan Hensel Gallery

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Music, Wordplay, and Numbers This new piece, Log Rhythm, is actually a tribute to my father. Not only did he love to play with music and words, but he also loved to play with numbers. My father was an engineer who loved music, wordplay, and numbers.  He could play a tune on any instrument that he picked up.  Mostly he played ragtime on our upright piano and comedic songs on the concertina. (I never played ragtime. I thought I was the next  Edith Piaf, composing and singing heartbreakingly dolorous songs as a teenager.) At Christmas we would go caroling around the neighborhood with my father leading the pack, playing the concertina. […]

4 05, 2020

What do Jazz & Machine Embroidery Have in Common? | Digital Embroidery

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What do jazz and digital embroidery have in common? Part of the answer is in this small interview I did on Jazz88 FM. https://www.jazz88.fm/2020/04/20/artist-susan-hensel/ Radio host Emily Reese has been interviewing artists during the “time of COVID” to see what and how they are doing! What I am doing is this: updating my website, writing blog posts, and, yes, plodding forward finishing some larger pieces, and testing out ideas. I talked about the business side of art. I also spoke about how I work improvisationally at the embroidery machines and how I got started in machine embroidery. […]

30 04, 2020

Kristen Dieng Wonder Me Mosaics

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Kristen Dieng Wonder Me Mosaics Kristen Dieng Wonder Me Mosaics. It was a glorious October day when Kristin completed installing in the windows of Susan Hensel Gallery. Reflections are always a problem when photographing the windows.  But, on this day, the reflections added the fall trees to the picture, augmenting the experience. […]

29 04, 2020

Robyn Hendrix Contraption in the Windows on Cedar Project

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Robyn Hendrix Contraption in the Windows on Cedar Project Robyn Hendrix Contraption in the Windows on Cedar Project. What a pleasure it is to present Robyn Hendrix quirky watercolors in the windows! She first showed with Susan Hensel Gallery in 2009. ( The Leap of Faith 5)  This suite, playing with transparency and light is entitled CONTRAPTIONS. […]

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