Installation is nearly done

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Installation is nearly done Installing My Father's Religion is not difficult, but it is slow and painstaking. It involves wire, tools, plumbing pipe, picture wire, monofilament, a level...and forming, re-forming, frogging and knitting. The day was made much easier by the participation of Mark Carlson. My Father's Religion is showing in conjunction with : Opening Soon: My Father's Religion June 4- July 12 Opening Reception: June 17, 7-9pm Textile Art by Susan Hensel Discover the transformative textile art by Susan Hensel. Susan Hensel is a multidisciplinary artist, with a 50+ year career. She combines a mixed media practice with embroidery across digital and manual platforms. She also makes sculptures and wall art using the colors and techniques of commercial embroidery. These artworks are designed in the computer and stitched out on the computer-aided embroidery machine. The goal is to create an experience for the viewer that overwhelms them with color. And yet transcends every day, encouraging one. For even a few seconds, to step outside the narrative of the ego into a place of pure sensation. Find Susan's Fine Art Hensel’s artwork is known and collected all over the world. It is displayed in collecting libraries and museums. As disparate [...]